At the beginning of January I registered for a training to become a Life Coach.

This because I want to help people and inspire them to a better life. Together we will see what your coaching goal is and we will make sure you get the most out of it to solve it or to achieve it! Of course we ensure that this is done in appropriate, solution-oriented ways and we bring out your core quality.

I would like to be part of your change process and help you achieve your goals.

Follow my journey through the training here and experience the first steps of my company.


After my education is completed I start with Life Coach activities. When my practice is open I will mainly coach online via video apps, but if there is still a need for a consultation or session personally, that is always possible ofcourse! This can be on location, such as walking in the forest, or at my office.


To be continued....


January: My first exam passed with a 9.3!

February: Also scored 9.3 on my second exam!

June: Already passed some exams and the last one with a 10! I am counting down, because this week I will register at the Chamber of Commerce! Exciting!