Welcome to a piece of my life!


My name is Michelle and I am 33 years old.

In 2019 I started a Lifestyle blog under the name Piece of Mies to inspire and motivate people. My dream has now come true and I have come to the point that Piece of Mies is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and consists of 3 parts!

My passions are photography, blogging and playing escornet. I also enjoy exercising, practicing yoga and I am a huge F1 fan.


Recently I have been following a HBO training for Life Coach to help people achieve their goals and get more out of their lifes. Follow my journey on the Life Coach page to set up your own Life Coach practice.


I am also a photographer and I love it! To be able to pass on my own view of things to others is the best thing there is. I take photos under the name Citified Pixels, you will find more information on this page. You can also book me for a photoshoot, sounds like fun!


I live in The Hague with my boyfriend Patrick, chihuahua Bailey, jack russel Deejay and cat Puma.


I always tell my environment that they should seize opportunities. Everything you can learn or experience: just do it! It always comes in handy somewhere in your life. You can apply what you have learned or experienced to your own life, but also to that of another. This was one of my motives to study Life Coach: helping someone else.


As for photography: Well, it is always fantastic to turn your passion into work, isn it? :)